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Lero Travel & Tours (M) SDN BHD is a limousine, car rental & transportation company which specialized in providing professional chauffeur- driven limousine services to hotels & corporate organization.

Although established in year 1997 the company's core personnel among them have over 15 valuable years in experience in this field.

Lero Travel & Tours (M) SDN BHD has set the standard for transportation in various locations in Malaysia. Our proud success and longevity are due to our extensive knowledge of the transportation industry: couple with our focus on the ever - trend in  transportation specialties. Having professionals that strives for quality ensures that the clients needs are fulfilled in every way possible.

Lero Travel & Tours (M) SDN BHD was formed with visions of the safe and cost effective transportation company and also to form a foundation of dedicated professionals; capable of handling the standardization of all transportation needs.

What made us unique from the other companies is that we provide propriety installation and modernization controls. We offer clients a different approach in all transportation projects while managing operation costs lower that demanded.

Lero Travel & Tours (M) SDN BHD has created many projects and played a big role in helping its clients to succeed in today's modern business ethics. Our total solution concept ensures that our clients are our primary priority as we aim to help them to succeed in their business operations with the help of our professional assistance and quality.
Lero Travel & Tours (M) SDN BHD will maintain its vision and growth towards the success of the next century.

By experiencing the past, we prepare you for the future…….

To provide the highest level of personalized ….tour packages for customer's satisfaction involving transportation needs of our customers are conducted in a friendly, safe and profitable manner.
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Company objective
To constantly conduct market research and….in the forefront of a specialist in transportation provider.

To perform business activities systematically that strives to ensure optimum benefits with regards of time & cost savings.

Company mission
Mr.Alvin Frank is the Managing Director of Lero Travel & Tours (M) SDN BHD has almost 15 years experience in this field. He has handled transportation need at numerous hotels as well as having managed transport requirement for conventions and large overseas group.

We belief that safety and quality in all transportation needs are intrinsically related and as a result, has brought acclamations to Lero Travel & Tours (M) SDN BHD.

Managing Director - Mr. Alvin Frank
· Formulate and apply management policies
· Procedures and practices to the task of assuring quality
· Analyzing
· Assessing
· Controlling risk in order to protect employees
· The general public and environment as well as company assets
   while aviding business interruption

We Lero Travel & Tours (M) SDN BHD, besides having the capabilities we also have the expertise and experience in the handling all forms of transport requirements.

He has sought and developed and extensive relationship with many trading partners around the globe. Over the years of dedication and hard work of all employees, he has continued the tradition of providing superior customer service at Lero Travel & Tours (M) SDN BHD.

Staffing & Management  

We Lero Travel & Tours (M) SDN BHD are doing our best to provide quality services to our clients by prioritizing the safety and cost effective solution. We interview people everyday to be in line with the prevailing economic for workers to minimize labour problems and to discourage job-hopping.

We assist all kinds of industries and provide the best quality preservation of the transportation needs to the benefit of all. We take great pride in every assignment that we have been assign for and we ensuring our quest for our excellence services that never end.


Our core philosophy focuses on the concept of customer needs processes working together to provide effective solutions. We meet your needs by employing people who are experienced at every level of business process. We maintain our consistency by advancing and transferring within, as our employees increase their knowledge and skill. That vision continues today and crucial to the success and consistent growth of Lero Travel & Tours (M) SDN BHD as well as your company.